About Us

International College of Australia Pty Ltd T/A Western Sydney College is a vocational education and training provider located in Parramatta and offers high quality, progressive qualifications to enable students to strive for excellence.

Western Sydney College operates under the National VET Framework and is regulated by the Australian Skills and Quality Authority ASQA. Our qualifications are recognized under the Australian Qualifications Framework and recognized nationally and internationally. The courses have been designed to offer students with industry skills and expertise to meet their academic and professional goals.

Western Sydney College is dedicated to empowering learners with education and training to gain required skills and knowledge to maximize their full potential. We have an excellent team of academics and friendly staffs who are here to assist you in making your study experience an exceptional one.

We hope you enjoy a supportive learning environment and cultural experience during your study and wish you every success in your future endeavors!


Western Sydney College

Why study with Western Sydney College?

  • Offer and deliver high-quality student-focused courses
  • Industry experienced academic team
  • Small classroom sizes
  • Practical and industry relevant training materials
  • Excellent student support services


Western Sydney College is dedicated to delivering quality education that will equip our students with required knowledge and skill set to embark into the current workforce.

Our Objectives

In recognition of this mission, our objectives are:

  • People. We strive to attract, recruit and retain talented, competent and committed people. We promote excellent performance through leadership and professional development.
  • Safety and equality. We are committed to providing an environment which is safe, equitable and which promotes a confident and productive training and assessment environment.
  • Integrity and ethics. We conduct ourselves in accordance with shared and agreed standards of behaviour which holds ethical conduct and integrity as our highest priorities.
  • Quality committed. We aspire to deliver consistent, high-quality services and apply quality systems which support training and assessment excellence.
  • Student-centered. We thrive on providing training and assessment that is student-centered and which supports lifelong learning. We respect our clients and strive to attract them time after time through high-quality training and assessment experiences.
  • Industry engagement. We recognise the value of industry engagement as the driving force in shaping our training and assessment strategies. We deliver training and assessment services which are founded on industry needs and expectations.

Our values

  • A commitment to excellence in learning, teaching and promoting learning as an enjoyable experience.
  • The importance of academic, physical, social, emotional, moral and spiritual development of each student.
  • Respecting and recognising all people as valuable assets.
  • A supportive learning environment where all people on campus are treated fairly and respectfully.
  • Conducive learning environment to enhance effective teaching and learning.